Saturday, April 20, 2013

As Iron Sharpens Iron...

Second blog in a day. Only happens once in a blue moon!

I'm sitting here on my friend's bed right now and she's fast asleep next to me. The sound of her breath - in, out, in, out - a familiar rhythm that quiets my racing thoughts. That's been a relatively common occurrence here on L3E over the past few months. I'm struck by just how thankful I am to have friends with whom I can just be.

Today, I went to the mall with two of my friends, and we had a good day just shopping for things that they both needed, and I went along as the driver because I wanted to get off campus. On Wednesday, I went for a walk around the pond with two other friends. Last week, we celebrated my friend's 21st birthday by taking a group of 10 of us to the beach at 6am to attempt to watch the sun rise and instead watched an early morning thunderstorm and ran around in the rain by the Atlantic Ocean and then ate pie and fruit for breakfast in a circle under a gazebo.

Tonight as I was talking with my friend and reflecting on the last decade of my life and reading old blogs, I realized just how far I have come over the years. When I was thirteen, I wrote about being desperate for someone to see me for me. When I was sixteen, I talked about longing for friends who would be willing to just hold me and not feel the need to speak to fill the silence. Last year, on this very blog, I wrote about how I want to experience authentic, Biblical community. Now? I'm beginning to live that out.

I feel more loved here at Gordon than I have anywhere else in my entire life aside from at Mercy. Here, I'm not only a student in the academic world, but I'm learning what it means to engage in real relationships in person. I'm learning what a mutually beneficial friendship looks like. I'm learning how to determine who the safe people are, and how to let them into my life without running away. I'm learning to let people love the broken parts of me. I'm learning how to be present and sit with my emotions while someone sits with me in that. I'm learning that reaching out in times of need is not a burden, it's a necessary part of being in relationship with people who care about my well-being.

For my entire life, I've felt lonely. I've felt like I've been living on the fringes of the social world. Tonight, I can honestly say that I'm not on the fringes anymore. I fit here. I belong here. I've found people who see past my brokenness. I've found people who love me simply for being me. These precious friends have been the hands and feet of Jesus to me over the last few months.

There's so much redemption here.

In the silence. Listening to her breathe - in, out, in, out.

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