Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have an issue with something.

That something is gossip, rumors, and backstabbing.

About a week ago, a close friend of mine told me some other people that we both know...people who I used to call friends...sisters even...have decided that my freedom is a lie. These individuals hadn't even talked to me in months, yet here they were telling this person to be careful because I am a liar and I'll just bring her down.

I was really angry at first. To the point where I wanted to travel to the city that they live in and have some serious words with them. Words that are not Christ-like in the least. I took some time...and some deep breaths...and I managed to calm down about it all.

It's been a few weeks since I found out, and just now, I saw someone post a status about how great of a friend one of the people is. It got me really upset again. I feel extremely hurt because I counted this specific individual as my big sister. I looked up to her, and I valued her opinion in my life.

All that being said, I think now is a perfect opportunity for me to use the life hurt tool that we used at Mercy. That, and forgiveness. I need to work on that one too.

No, I'm not perfect and yes, I still struggle some days. But that does not mean I'm a fraud or that my freedom is a lie.

I refuse to let what these people have said about me define me or control my life. Because quite frankly, they're the liars and the hypocrites...not me.

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